Why choose Stockway to post your vehicles classified ads on the Internet?

Thursday 14 February 2013, by Sonia

Less management, more sales! Let’s discover the benefits of a multi posting solution for your vehicles classified ads!

Stockway is the only software online that specializes in multi posting industrial vehicles classified ads.

Stockway is a tool especially developed to make vehicles sellers save time and money.

Multi posting process:

The seller enters only once the vehicles data on the Stockway interface.
Then, the seller can choose the websites he wants to publish his classified ads on.

As for the paying websites, the seller has to subscribe contracts with which ones he wants to publish on.

Multidiffusion Stockway


  • Saving time -> diminishing management costs

Thanks to Stockway, sellers who want to publish their vehicles on several websites do not need to enter again data of their classified ads!

  • More visibility -> more sales

Vehicles are published on more websites, so they target a stronger audience!

Our partners:

Stockway establishes partnership with many relevant classified ads websites, mainly industrial vehicles websites (trucks, construction equipment, etc.).

The seller can also publish his vehicles on his own website directly from Stockway.

Multiposting steps :